Alterations & Re-upholstery

Curtain alterations:

We can alter the look of your existing curtains by shortening, narrowing or even changing the heading style. There are many reasons you may wish to alter your curtains. Curtains can become faded by the sun, normally along the centre edges or the lining can rot and tear. We can cut off the damaged edge which will take some width out of the curtains and we can put new linings in if needed.If you have moved house and your existing curtains don’t fit your new windows, we can alter by shortening and sometimes by lengthening depending on the depth of hem.You may wish to update your existing curtains by changing the style of heading. This will create a different new fresher look without the expense of buying completely new.

Re-upholstery: We are very skilled in the art of re-upholstery and can breath life back into many items of furniture. We recommend getting in touch for a quote as prices can vary.