All curtains are made to the highest quality and can be lined and interlined with a heading style of your choice. We will measure and hang the curtains on completion. 

Pencil Pleat heading  The standard pencil pleat curtain tape is 3 inches deep, producing a continual row of small pleats. The curtain hangs in a random fashion for a more informal effect.

Pinch Pleat heading  Triple Pinch pleats is a classic curtain heading which never dates. The curtains are hand made and create a beautiful even drape.  Double pinch pleats is a contemporary take on the classic triple pleat. The curtains still drape beautifully but uses less fabric for a more chic finish.

Cartridge Pleat  This is a single pinch pleat and is a contemporary finish giving a sleek curtain requiring minimal stacking space.

Eyelet heading  A very modern heading. The eyelets are set in the fabric and the pole threads through the eyelets. The curtain hangs in an undulating wave for a simple contempory feel. The eyelets are available in various colours.

Puff heading  A country classic, the curtain has a ruff which stands proud of the pole. The pole can either thread through a channel or be hung on gathering tape and curtain rings. The finish gives a full random gathered drape.

Goblet heading  These have an inset of dacron to keep them in place. They take up more space on the track and don’t stack back as well. This is a formal heading and would normally be trimmed with a button or tufted cord.


Our rates are very competitive and we charge by the width for the making of curtains. The cost of your curtains will depend on how many widths of fabric you need. This is determined by the length of your pole or track and the type of heading your choose. It is the same for any drop. For example, a 2mt pole will require 4 widths for triple pinch pleats and the goblet headings. 3 widths for double pinch pleats and pencil pleat headings and 2 widths for eyelets and single cartridge pleat headings.

As a guide

Pencil pleat with lining  £25 per width

Double/Triple pinch pleat with lining  £35 per width

Eyelet with lining  £48 per width

Puff heading with lining  £25 per width

Cartridge pleat heading with lining  £25 per width

Goblet heading with lining  £35 per width

Additional Extras

There are extra costs for contrast edges, trimmings, buttons, dacron, and eyelets. Also for curtains over 6 widths, curtains over 3 metre drop and curtains with interlining.